User Experience &
Conversion Rate Optimization

What Is the User Experience?

Every day, the average person is surrounded by the voices of countless brands, each with their own products to sell, services to provide, and messages to convey. As an entrepreneur, one of your top priorities is to distinguish yourself within this crowded arena of commerce, especially online. Creating a better user experience for people who visit your website is a central part of this, and CAYK can help you make it happen.

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Really Though, What Is It?

“User experience” (often abbreviated to UX) is a term used to describe, assess, and optimize the experience that an individual has of something that has been designed for them. Broadly speaking, this may be an application, a website, a product or service, or even an event. In this case, by sparing you endless scrolling through unnecessary lead-in paragraphs and simply offering you a plain English definition of this concept, we’ve optimized your experience of this page as a source of information. You’re welcome!

When popularized in the early-mid ‘90s by Apple User Experience Architect Don Norman, the concept of UX typically encompassed the relationship between a user and a computer. With the evolution of the internet, web and software design, mobile technology, and digital marketing, it’s come to refer to a far broader range of interactions. Today it’s a highly practical concept for business owners like you to better understand and improve the way people engage with your business, but your website is by far one of the most important.

Design & Functionality

What exactly separates a poor user experience from an excellent one? Let’s take design and functionality as primary examples. Your approach to UX is headed in the right direction when your site combines attractive, up-to-date design with maximum usability and readability. Distinctive yet tactful use of colour, geometry, images, and text formatting are major elements of this, but so is the way your site is navigated. First impressions of a website are design-related by a significant majority, with simplicity and ease of navigation being key ingredients.

Those who understand UX also know that website design and functionality must be understood at the level of user and consumer psychology. How do you regulate a user’s attention and guide it in precisely the direction you want? What role does the degree of simplicity or complexity of information play in sustaining user engagement? What subconscious expectations does the average user have about how a site should look and feel? These are questions that any business owner should ask about the experience they’re providing for their web visitors.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

You see the word “optimization” a lot in digital marketing. This is because your marketing strategy needs to be consistently fine-tuned on multiple levels to give you the profitability and growth that you’re looking for. Sharp optimization methods are essential to this fine-tuning process, especially when it comes to your conversion rates. Luckily, the CAYK team is here to help you not only understand conversion rate optimization, but to conquer it!
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Everybody Wants Conversions

You want website visitors to perform certain actions that indicate their interest in your company, guiding them on their journey towards a long-standing relationship with your business as a loyal customer. Such actions may include signing up to your mailing list, scheduling an appointment or consultation, or purchasing a product. Whatever it may be, in marketing lingo it’s called a conversion. Typically, it happens thanks to landing pages, which are the pages we design specifically to convert visitors.

When you calculate the percentage of traffic that ultimately completes a conversion (whether to a specific landing page or to your website overall), you have a conversion rate. This is one of the most important pieces of data in digital marketing. It’s a concrete indication of how well your site is generating business for you in proportion to how well it’s drawing in visitors. The contrast between these two factors speaks to the fact that high traffic in and of itself doesn’t not necessarily mean excellent sales. The CAYK team will use the sharpest CRO tools available to take that traffic and direct it towards precise customer decisions.

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