CAYK Statement of Ethics

“Moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity.”

We believe that ethics are an important part of business, and that in business moral beliefs are responsible for several of our judgments and actions.

Each member of the CAYK Team, in-house and contract, sign off annually on a statement of confidentiality, a disclosure of potentially conflicting interests, and our statement of ethics.

Why is it important to have a statement of ethics?

We work in an unregulated business sector that has unfortunately given unscrupulous pseudo marketers an opportunity to take advantage of small business owners. Some of them are leaving a trail of destruction in their path. They may be willing to say darn near anything to get your business—we are not.

CAYK Marketing Inc’s Statement of Ethics

Our corporate values start at the top. As a second generation family business for the past 20 years, we take great pride in our long-term client relationships that are based on trust. We earn and maintain this trust by ensuring that our entire team performs to the highest standards in an ethical and sincere manner.
  • We will never make bold promises or hyperbolic claims during our sales processes that we cannot substantiate with actual analytics data.
  • We believe in transparently setting our client’s expectations properly.
  • We will not knowingly be untruthful with our clients.
  • We will not make promises where it is impossible to truly know the outcome.
  • We will abide by Google’s guidelines within our own marketing and advertising and we will encourage our clients to do the same.
  • We never send clients any invoices that they have not previously approved.

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